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Buying Commercial Property: The Process

Your Catalyst Commercial Partners broker will help you begin the purchase process by discussing the following with you:

  • The current commercial real estate market.
  • Your wants, needs and investment return expectations.
  • The expectations of the broker representing the property seller.
  • Any related property management issues.
  • Whether a tax-deferred exchange is involved.
  • Other investment properties you may own.

Your broker will work closely with you through the various steps of the acquisition process:

  • Searching for and identifying desirable commercial properties that are currently listed for sale, as well as many that are unlisted.
  • Submitting the offer to purchase.
  • Submitting your earnest money deposit on the property.
  • Reviewing and responding to the seller's counter offers.
  • Engaging professional geological and structural engineers to examine physical elements of the property.
  • Preparing and submitting the commercial loan application.
  • Purchasing title insurance.
  • Having the property's value professionally appraised.
  • Executing the closing.
  • Taking possession of the property.

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