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Maximum Exposure to the Right Tenant/lnvestor. An Exclusive Listing Agreement gives Windermere Commercial the control and confidence we require to methodically contact those prospects known to be the most qualified for acquiring your property. Other brokers who work on unlisted or open-listed properties typically do one of two things: they hold the property information closely (a pocket listing), or they will indiscriminately broadcast the information to as many (unqualified) prospects as possible. In either case, the information is often incomplete or inaccurate, and your property winds up improperly presented to the wrong people, or the wrong information is presented to qualified Prospects and no offer is made and/or sale is made and no transaction is completed.

High Quality Offers. With an Exclusive Listing, the negotiations are simplified. We can take the time to get closer to the buyers' or tenants' "best offer" the first time. This tends to eliminate much of the protracted haggling characterized by offer, counter-offer, counter-counter-offer and so on, which usually leads to a "no-sale" anyway. Exclusive representation of the property enables us to take the time that is needed to work with buyers or tenants in structuring truly worthwhile offers.

Simplified Negotiations. When you enter into an Exclusive Listing, all confusion disappears as to just who Windermere Commercial represents. The listing agent represents the property owners, and buyers know and respect that kind of control, commitment and confidence shown by the owner. Buyers or tenants are often disenchanted with sloppy, open-listing brokers. They dislike wasting their time trying to acquire property that was sold or leased days or weeks before their offer was even presented. Buyers or tenants will respect a broker who has the confidence of the owner as evidenced by an Exclusive Listing.

Accurate Information and Accountability. More transactions fail for incomplete or inaccurate information than for any other reason. From your point of view, the Exclusive is important more for what it does than for what it is. It results in our having complete information on your property. We require complete and accurate data on all of our Exclusive Listings. The Exclusive Listing indicates something else to you as a thoughtful seller. It shows how serious we really are. You want a careful, conscientious job. You can expect it if you have entered into an Exclusive Listing Agreement with Windermere Commercial.

Summary: The Relationship. We are dedicated to the principal that the interests of the seller, the buyer, and ourselves as agents are better served by an Exclusive Listing Agreement than by any other method. The exclusive agreement results in a mutually beneficial relationship to effect the sale and/or lease of the property for the maximum price in the least amount of time. It minimizes uncertainty and inconvenience to either party.

When you list your property exclusively with Windermere Commercial, we exchange promises and you free our hands to use all of the resources at our command to sell or lease your property.

The Exclusive Listing Agreement between the owners and the agent establishes a solid foundation of honesty, strength and confidence upon which the relationship will stand during the marketing process and through the closing of the sale or lease. We require this foundation for every property we sell or lease. It is the best way we can function both effectively and professionally.

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